The barbarians at the legal gate

That is how the CEO of one of the UK’s new-model law firms was introduced at a recent conference.

While it may be amusing to picture us at C3 Legal wielding pitchforks and cudgels, there is a grain of truth to the “radical departure from the norm” spectre. We have decided that at our firm, investing in technology will take priority over investing in high-rent real estate. We have decided that we will act exclusively for insurers. We have decided that we will not be internally competitive and that we will compensate people in a way that promotes appropriate file assignment.

However, as different as our model is, we are also the same individuals who have been providing legal services to the insurance industry for a cumulative total of over 60 years. It’s just that we’ve listened and learned from our experiences and our discussions with industry leaders, and have decided to provide a service that the industry has clamoured for: appropriate, economical claims resolution.