About Us


C3 Legal’s Areas of Practise

C3 Legal focuses on insurance law. The 3 C’s stand for Claims, Coverage and Conflicts, which are the three areas of counsel service for which we are most often retained.

Our lawyers provide advice and direction to clients across the full alphabet of insurance policies and matters, including E&O, D&O, CGL, and of course, P&C. In other words we provide legal services dealing with cases flowing from:

  • Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions
  • Directors and Officer’s Liability
  • Construction Liability Claims
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Disability Policy Disputes
  • Property and Casualty Claims
  • Subrogation

What sets us apart

We are different, both on the inside and outside. We’re not internally competitive, ensuring you get the right counsel for the job. We work with you to better understand and meet your needs. We focus on insurance law, which greatly reduces the conflicts that might affect our ability to serve you and yours. We use modern business processes and ultra-modern technology to reduce our costs and your expenses. We don’t rely on non-legal services such as copying as part of our business model.

Claims. Closure. Completion.

We strive to provide the industry and its insureds with the efficient delivery of solutions. We collaborate with our clients and seek to understand what they do. We understand that the industry wants claims closed with a higher degree of certainty with respect to outcome, expense, and results.

By using 21st century technology, and by eliminating wasted overhead, we deliver exceptional service to you at significantly lower cost.

Coverage. Confidence. Coherence.

We understand that coverage issues are fraught with challenges and choices. We focus on the central issue of coverage from both a technical and a long- term, practical point of view. Coverage decisions must be made in full view of all issues and with the insurer’s duties fully in mind.

Conflicts. Complements. Choices.

We are the industry’s choice for conflict counsel in our region. We provide defence services to insurers and their insureds, when their ordinary counsel is in conflict by reason of representing the plaintiff or another insurer. We bring experience to these issues. That allows insurers to provide a full defence to their insureds with confidence when their ordinary counsel cannot.